Early Career & Students

Early Career IT Professionals: When you’re just getting started in your IT career, with limited experience (less than 1 year) and seeking entry level positions, the ideal resume emphasizes ability and potential. Show your ability to contribute immediately, and your potential to become a technical leader and valued team member. Combine quality of experience (not quantity) with those personal traits that make you a good workforce investment. Tell your story in a way that makes hiring managers sit up and take notice.

Students & Recent Graduates: The real challenge for graduates is competing with those who have experience.  You can make an impression in interviews, but getting the interviews can be difficult. A dynamic resume that differentiates you from the “ordinary student” is the key.
Supercharge your IT Job Search: IT Resumes for Recent Graduates

A compelling resume is a critical first step to secure the right launch pad for your career. You need a resume that truly captures the essence of you — your experiences, capabilities, interests, values, and aspirations — and positions you as an asset to any organization that hires you and a worthy investment for any hiring manager.

This guide, distinctly different from any other that I’ve read can help you to create that compelling resume. It is filled with tips, techniques, and examples that avoid the pitfalls of the “so what” resume, and highlight your unique and desirable qualities.

Jennifer Hay is exactly the right person to write this guide. Her background includes broad experience across many dimensions of IT, combined with years of career guidance and resume writing experience. Equally important, is Jennifer’s sincere desire to help others to succeed. It is that aspect of her work in which she takes great pride and finds real rewards.

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