Resume Services

My prices are competitive with other leading resume writers.

For mid-level IT professionals, I typically charge $795 to build an IT resume. You’ll receive a fixed price quote following the initial consultation. Included in this price are the first version of your resume plus 2 cycles of refinement to ensure that the language and presentation are just right for you. After receiving your final resume, you’ll have 2 months to use it and let me know if we need to make further changes. 

My service includes discussing how you can position yourself during these chaotic times. Companies are looking for stability and reliability as new marketplaces continue to evolve. Communication skills, analytics, and innovation will all play key roles. Survival depends on business and IT professionals being true partners in creating adaptable environments.  Everyone needs to work together to create new audiences for products and services.

IT resumes and IT LinkedIn Profiles are different. 

I write IT resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters, and I create documents that get interviews. IT resumes are especially challenging  because of the technology aspect. While it is important to itemize the technologies with which you have experience, you don’t want a list of technologies to dominate a resume or to hide your other assets as a prospective employee.

It is important to describe your career and accomplishments in a way that highlights value creation at least as much as technology. An ideal technical resume will describe projects, the value of those projects to the employer, and your contributions to those projects.

My background is in IT, Analytics, and Business Intelligence.

I’ll understand your technical projects, the environment in which you work, and the challenges you’ve faced. For the last 10 years, I’ve written resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for the geekiest of IT professionals on up to CIOs.

When you work with me, the process of creating your resume will be about exploration and discovery, and finding just the right words to describe your achievements.

I stay updated on technology and technical practices.

Keeping current is yet another challenge of IT resumes and choosing the right, relevant, and recent to list on your resume can be difficult. 

I have a strong network of technology professionals who keep me updated on the latest trends. I also write data and information management exams for so I am updated on all things data! Just to name a few: data engineering, data science, data quality, data management, data governance, data architectures, master data management, etc.

I use a storytelling process to understand your achievements. Since interviewing is all about storytelling, my clients are better positioned to do well.

I’ll help you select those projects that do the best job of describing your strengths. You’ll start by writing out narratives that tell me everything about each of these projects, beginning with why the project was funded. I’ll want to know the technical issues, the problems that came up, and how you were able to resolve them.

Resumes Samples

I do not market to people. If you’d like to see a resume sample for these types of job titles, just let me know.  I’ll send the sample language and you can let me know if you have any questions. 
Data Resumes: Data Engineer, Data Scientists, Data Architect, Data Administrator
Architect Resumes: IT Architect, Data Architect, Infrastructure Architect, BI Architect, Security Architect
Manager Resumes: IT Manager, IT Project Manager, IT Program Manager, BI/DW Manager
Administrator Resumes: Network Administrator, Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Security Administrator
Developer Resumes: Software Developer, Applications Developer, BI Developer, ETL Developer
Director Resumes: IT Director, Infrastructure Director, Director of Applications Development, Director of BI Program
Executive Resumes: CIO, CTO, Senior Vice President, CISO

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