Twitter is a Bust as a Job Search Tool

These days when I see someone toting Twitter as a great way to get noticed in today’s highly competitive job marketplace, I just have to snicker to myself. That boat left about 3 years ago and it’s not coming back.

In 2010, just as use of Twitter was heating up, there were so many promising aspects to this social media giant. People were finding rare opportunities to connect directly with those who were influential in the hiring process by simply sending a direct message to a senior manager or recruiter. There were lots of amazing stories but that soon fizzled out to just a trickle.

As everyone knows, Twitter is like standing in front of firehose of information. It is nearly impossible to find those gold nuggets and statistically speaking, is not worth the time and effort. Companies can use predictive analytics technology on Twitter data to try to get a handle on customer behaviors, but there certainly aren’t any algorithms out there that are analyzing tweets to identify potential job candidates.

Twitter creates awareness but does not create connections. Just like any other social media site, if you regularly share your knowledge and experience, then you’ll likely get some benefit, but it won’t be direct. Building professional connections is LinkedIn’s space.

To be honest, I’ve tweeted off and on for quite some time and I have never gotten a client from Tweeter. I use it as part of my marketing plan – a small part – to mention my articles and tweet out some of my thoughts about technical resumes and careers. It gets my name out there but I don’t get any direct revenue from it. LinkedIn is my primary marketing vehicle and it continues to remain extremely strong.

About the Author – Jennifer Hay

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