Mistake #4: Outdated Tools and Technologies in Your IT Resume

One of the most common mistakes I see is when IT professionals leave really old technology in their resume because they aren’t sure what to remove. The obvious answer is to remove anything that is no longer used. After that, it becomes less obvious.

slider521There are 3 primary career paths for IT professionals:

  • ♦ those that focus on emerging or very current technologies
  • ♦ those that focus on high-legacy technologies, such as COBOL
  • ♦ those that are somewhere in between, bridging the gap between high legacy and emerging.

The technologies that you include in your resume depend on your current path. Some older technologies are still widely used today. Where these technologies overlap with your experience and ability, you’ll need to give it some careful thought. There are employers who do care about your ability to program in COBOL. But do you want to be a COBOL programmer again? Most companies have legacy systems that someone has to operate, maintain, and enhance. If you decide to stop chasing technologies and step back from technology’s leading edge, that someone could be you. It’s a choice, but be clear about your motivations. It will impact your career.

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